Here at Santa Cruz Guitar Company, nothing makes our day more than hearing from players around the world. Below are some wonderful testimonials we’ve received about our guitars, our strings, and our shop, and we are grateful for each and everyone one of them. I’d you’d like to drop us a note about your experience with SCGC, we’d love to hear from you.

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What Our Fantastic Customers Have to Say

I had a look at the Skye Model last night. Carolyn, let me just say… we try to be as objective as possible… but I think you guys build the best sounding instruments in the Milky Way! When I played the 00 last night the first thing that struck me was some form of brilliantly beautiful peace between raw power and musical composure in the voice. If I have to guess what I mean by this is that, due to the small top diameter, the tone is tight and bouncy, like a loaded spring.. But then coming off of a strum of picked note the notes ring out forever! And it’s loud! The sustain is beyond worldly! I don’t know how you do it.. What kind of witchcraft is this? And the Adi/Cocobolo combo… That is the business!! THE business!

No, seriously, the guitar sounds unlike anything we’ve had the chance to hear out. It’s an instrument that absolutely markets and stands for itself… I’ll just take a breath and swim in that tone! Absolutely astonishing!


Stefan Jansen


Hello, my name is Jared Riley, and I have several purposes for this message. The first of which is to thank you for building such exceptional quality guitars. I recently purchases a Tony Rice model with German Spruce and am absolutely blown away every time I pick it up. My father has had a Tony Rice model for just over a decade and I have always admired the tone and ease of play of his instrument. When it came time for me to decide on which guitar I would ultimately buy, I knew SCGC would be at the top of the list. I have played very few guitars that could match the exceptional tone, clarity, and depth that this instrument possesses. Every day it seems to open up more. Thank you.

Secondly, I wanted to commend you on your new (newish?) strings. When I was told that the guitar was set up with Santa Cruz strings I’ll admit I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. “I’ve done this dance before” I thought. Expensive strings with claims that can’t be matched– and at the end of the day I end up with D’addario EJ17’s with no complaints. This time the EJ17’s lasted on the instrument less than a day before I replaced them with the original set of SCGC strings. I’ve subscribed to receive your strings quarterly, and I don’t expect I’ll be going back. I’m going to continue to experiment, but I will say that the tone of your strings is second to none and the comfort and ease of play is miles ahead of my normal option.

Again, thank you so much for what you do. I’ve had the guitar a short amount of time, but between the hours I’ve already put on this instrument and the countless hours of enjoyment I’ve had playing and listening to my father’s guitar I am truly grateful for you guys. Keep it up. – Jared Riley


Jared Riley


I just cannot say enough about my 1929 00 Mahogany guitar. I purchased this beauty in 2012 from Artisan Guitars. It is hands down the best guitar I’ve ever owned, including a mahogany/spruce 00 Santa Cruz I purchased 20 years ago. When i first received the 1929 00 I thought it was too “quiet.” I preferred to play another 00 I own from another fine builder. I soon developed arthritis in the base of my thumb on my fret hand and had to put my guitars down because of pain. Only in the last few months have I been able to play pain free. Since then I have re-discovered this amazing, amazing, instrument. Boy did it open up. Not sure how, since no one was playing it. (it’s been kept in its case). This guitar is so responsive, articulate, loud, or soft, perfectly intonated, and just beautiful. When I first considered a 1929 00 I thought I might get a sunburst model. I’m so glad I didn’t. The mahogany on my guitar is stunning. Finally, I recently purchased a new set of Santa Cruz parabolic strings and Santa Cruz guitar wax, both of which I have applied to my guitar. Your strings last like none I’ve ever used. Love the wax, too. And it smells nice! Thank you, Richard Hoover, and thank you to the amazing craftsmen of Santa Cruz Guitar Company.


Dennis Dalton


I recently purchased a SCGC 1929 00 from the original owner in Vermont. It is in showroom, pristine condition and is an exceptionally wonderful guitar. I now have three SCGC guitars (Tony Rice model, an OM/PW and the 1929)…They are all exceptional….Consider this a fan letter and thank you to all of you and Richard Hoover.


Tom Paine


Last week I had the good folks at Santa Cruz Guitar Company install a K&K Mini in my Firefly. I played it for the first time yesterday evening through a Bose SP1 with not additional effects except the reverb included in the Bose.
I was blown away on how impressive the guitar sounded. I wish you could have been in the room with me. I was just astounded. But, I’m a little nervous that the Firefly maybe something I will use quite regularly in that, the overall sound and easy of the playing the instrument may force me to use the Firefly as my main guitar. So, what’s wrong with that you ask? Nothing!


Jon-Nolan Paresa


I purchased an H13 last week in Mount Pleasant, SC from Rusty’s Cool Guitars. I just wanted to send SCGC an email and say THANK YOU to everyone involved in the production of these instruments. My H13 has amazed me every single time that I’ve picked it up. I’m considering selling the majority of my acoustic collection just because the H13 is so good. I’m amazed, and I truly feel fortunate to own and be able to play such a wonderful instrument. I just wanted to say thank you, and express my sincere gratitude. One day, I hope to visit SCGC to see where my beautiful guitar was created. Thank you.


Nick Greer from Greer Amps


I’ve had my 1929 O for a couple of months, and I love it so much that it’s the first one I pick up each day. It’s just so darned comfortable to hold and the tone is amazing. I’ve had several O sized guitars from different high end makers, but it’s the Santa Cruz that is the standout guitar.  My other go to guitar is the Custom Coco/ Moon OM that you fine people made for me. Just brilliant.


Michael McCarthy


I am very, very happy to announce that today I received my (first!) Santa Cruz guitar: the 00 Skye Moon spruce top / Cocobolo back and sides bought from Eddie’s Guitars. The guitar is… stunning. Absolutely stunning. I have held many guitars, but this one feels out of this world. And yet it also feels like it has always sat on my lap – the ease of playing is extraordinary. But more importantly, the sound is beyond words. And I know it will just get better with time. I have no idea how you guys manage to bring out such sound (powerful, precise and yet so rich) in such a small guitar. Thank you so much for your advice, and please convey my thanks – and congratulations – to Richard who really helped me decide on which model I should go for: this is really the guitar I was seeking, even though I didn’t know it myself ;-). I am so, so pleased to join the Santa Cruz Guitar family. – Pierre M.


Pierre M


Hi Richard. Just wanted to thank you for the tour you gave us yesterday.  I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the way you conduct your business, from the way you think of your employees to the way you source your woods and decide what should be done by hand and what should be done by robot. Also the fact that more is not always better and that you seem to be satisfied with the amount of guitars you make.The whole thing just seemed really comfortable and enlightened.And the guitars themselves are individual works of art. I am so glad Roberto suggested we drop in- our timing could not have been better.Anyway, just wanted to let you know how I felt about this. Best regards, Jeff Heintzman  from Whistler British Columbia


Jeff Heintzman


I love the strings! They feel worn in straight away which I love – new strings usually rattle for awhile with me anyway – and I love the compressed equal sound over all the strings at the same time !  THANKS AGAIN!!


Christopher Brennan


Hi SCGG – I just joined the family! ???? I bought a H13 for a couple a days ago! And I’m in love!!  What an amazing guitar you guys have built.Once again, amazing guitars you build! Looking forward to playing it for the rest of my life!

Regards, Jonas Brekke Hansen


Jonas Brekke Hansen


Dear Sir / Madam,

I have spent the last two days in London UK searching for a dream guitar. I took a friend with me and we enjoyed a pretty much unlimited budget for the purchase to two guitars.

We were very fortunate to play some of the most beautiful guitars available from extremely beautiful Martins, Bourgeois, Froggy Bottom, Thompson, Collings, Gibson, H&D, McPherson, Guild, Gibson, and many other stunning instruments by some outstanding luthiers.

It was an absolute treat! I already own a Santa Cruz vintage artist which frankly I consider to be about the best guitar I have ever played and in all honesty, I was leaning towards another manufacturer so I could own 2 beautiful guitars by different luthiers. The bottom line is this, I played a Sant Cruz OMG and simply fell in love with it on first listen. It is simply stunning to look at and to play. My friend also fell in love with it and we left London with 2 SG OMG’s both believing they were pretty much the best guitars we have ever played! Amazing work!

I now own 2 SG’s and have to say, to my ear, nothing quite compares.
Thanks for continually producing outrageously good instruments, SCGC really is very special!


Euan MacRae


Hi Carolyn Last night I returned home, and finally I could hold my H13! She sounds incredible, plays like butter, and looks like a diamond. I thank You, Richard and the whole team for this fantastic instrument.


Bruno VanderVeken


I LOVE these new strings and want to sign up.  They really made a huge difference on my 1945 Gibson Banner LG-2!  They also sound great on my Collings Mahogany top OM that you restrung at the Fretboard Summit in 2015 and still sound great.  I’m looking forward to trying them on some other guitars!  I hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!  Thanks,

Chris Wade


Hi Carolyn and thanks for the prompt reply. I fell in love with the sound on a trip to Melbourne and the rest is history. One of the things I love about Santa Cruz guitars (besides the guitar itself), is the service and the feeling of being part of a community.  Thanks again. Cheers,



The repair was perfect and I am completely satisfied, your craftsmen did a great job and the guitar plays wonderful! You and your company gain nothing but praise from me….you guys are the Best!

Jerry Martin


Carolyn and Richard,

I just recently received my Santa Cruz Tony Rice guitar back from your shop, and all I can say is wow….it plays awesome!  I really appreciate everyone involved at Santa Cruz for going the extra mile, and going beyond what was necessary to really fix my guitar.  It plays as good now as it did when it was new, and so I just wanted to say thanks for everyone’s efforts.  If anyone asks me about guitars, I will be certain to tell them to check out Santa Cruz, and I will reiterate how you stand behind your product.   I look forward to playing it for many more years, and it always seems to make me sound and look better than I really am….what more can you ask your guitar to do?  Thanks again!  Sincerely,

Jim Davis

6/17/17, Greenville, SC

Hello from Australia – I received my Cocobolo/ moon custom OM today and I am thrilled with it. It is also the first time that I have played the Parabolic strings, and I’m impressed with their clarity. The marriage of cocobolo and moon spruce is just brilliant. In combination with the parabolic strings, it is easily the best sounding guitar that I have ever owned.Thanks for building such an outstanding guitar.

Mike McCarthy 3/21/17


Thank you so much for my beautiful Janis Ian parlour. I call the Guitar Janis. It rings with such clarity and beauty. Wonderful to play and hold. My favourite guitar,that I play quite often at gigs. I also have a beautiful Bob Brozman baritone. Magical sounding beautiful rich baritone. RIP Bob.  Thankful for your music and this fine instrument. Cheers,

Vanessa Craven


New parabolic Mid tension  strings  on my Collings D-2H, changed the tone from overly bright to now perfectly balanced and even.  A dramatic positive change.  Thank You!!!

Dave Bauer


Dear Richard Hoover,

You do not know me but I am writing to let you know that I just recently purchased a Santa Cruz D-Law from the Acoustic Centre in Melbourne Australia. I wanted to express the gratitude and emotion this guitar you have built has given me. All the superlatives you have most likely heard from the many doting players that own your guitars cannot come close in describing what this guitar has done for me. Beyond that it has done something to me inside. It has literally moved me! An emotional tangibility that I have never experienced to this degree with an instrument. (I thought I had!) I played many instruments in my search of a perfect inspiring writing/studio guitar. I was beginning to get disheartened. Being in Australia there are only so many shops that carry high end instruments and that is an expensive exercise in and of itself! Did I need to pilgrimage? It was starting to look that way! It just so happened I found myself in Melbourne at the Acoustic Centre recently (have to give a big shout out to the staff there, particularly Josh Owen! Amazing service; your instruments are in great hands in that shop!!!) After playing a few guitars I nearly fell off my seat with the first strum when handed the D-Law. I was sold right there and then! This instrument literally emotionally moved me! I have played some special instruments in the past but I’m not quite sure what alchemy was used in this guitar? It is as if you wondered through the forest personally selecting the trees by light of a full moon, knocking on each one with a magic hammer until you found the perfect one. This is truly a special instrument and I just want to say thanks! It has ended the search for what I hear a perfect guitar to be. I wanted to express a gratitude that is often hard to do, that holds any gravity. You have made an instrument that has made me feel something musically I have never experienced. This is a letter purely and sincerely saying thank you:-)

One very grateful customer,

Matt Magee

I want to congratulate Richard and the Santa Cruz Guitar Company on your 40th anniversary. I’m a mediocre guitar hobbiest at best. However, I want you to know how special my OM/PW is.  A day doesn’t pass without me playing on it — this guitar has brought much joy to me and my wife over the years. Especially, during my recovery  from quintuple-by-pass surgery.  Thank you so much, Richard.  Congratulations on 40 years of guitar making. I hope one day I can meet you.



This is my first experience with your strings and I now have 2 SC sets on my 2 favorite guitars and completely loving the sound and feel. I look forward to the continued experience over the coming months. Your strings are living up to everything I’ve heard about and I’m thinking they’re becoming my “go to” strings not only for their quality but because of your outstanding service for me. THANK YOU!!


Bob Garrity


I went down to Gryphon and picked up the guitar Friday and spent the long weekend getting to know it a bit.  I wanted to let you know I just could not possibly be happier with it.  It turned out so beautifully – the perfect finish and just flawless work on every single part of it – I’m finding myself stopping in the middle of playing just to look at the color contrast from the perfect ebony on the fretboard to the binding to the sunburst and herringbone.   And the sustain and clarity and just perfect punchiness – wow.  Happy to know I bought a new heirloom here.  Please tell everyone I say thanks so much for this.


James Alonso


I just wanted to let you know I received the strings and I LOVE them! They are everything I hoped for. They have a great tone and nice slinky feel. I have already picked up two more packs.  I’m on my fourth gig with them and they have put up with a lot of punishment and held up wonderfully. I shall be recommending them to all my colleagues. Thank you again!


Darin Ames


To Santa Cruz guitars. After many years of playing good guitars and looking for the one perfect guitar in terms of build quality, size, aesthetic appeal and most importantly the tone I have been looking for I finally found it in a 00 Skye which I purchased from Guitar Gallery in South Africa. Thank you, you have created my elusive guitar and you have a new very happy fan and it will only get better as it ages. Regards Christopher Mason


Christopher Mason


I would be remiss if I did not close with this comment. My TR is the BEST guitar I have ever owned or played in my 47 years of playing. I guard it with my life and when I play it out it is never more than 3 feet away from me. I love it so much I bought a SCGC 12 String. After getting my TR I sold all of my acoustic guitars (except for six of them) and that sale included all my Martins which ranged in years from 1946 to 1993.  Every time I break that guitar people say “holy sh*t. Where did you get that guitar!” I am a SCGC fan in a very big way now. I hope one day to get out your way and visit your shop.  Thank you and please give my compliments to Mr. Hoover.

Robert Thomas Harrington
Attorney at Law


Robert Thomas Harrington


Last Saturday I had the privilege of meeting Richard at Key Music in Antwerp. I am a secondary school teacher but have been working at Key Music for about 20 years. First as a student job and later on just because I couldn’t quit working there because I loved it too much. My department at Key Music has always been the acoustic guitar department because I simply adore acoustic guitars.

Because I have been working there, I have had the privilege of getting to play about a 1000 different acoustic guitars. From very cheap guitars to very expensive boutique guitars. A couple of years ago (about 9 years) our store decided to sell Santa Cruz guitars and I have to say… I immediately fell in love.

When I first tried my ‘guitar to be’ I was completely stunned… everything was up to my personal taste… incredible looks, and that sound… my oh my that sweet sound. A simply perfect EQ to my ears… and I knew… I have got to have this because this magic will never ever happen again. And in the last 9 years, no guitar has come to the same standards (in my humble opinion off course).

There isn’t a day that I don’t play my guitar and when I do… everything just drops right off my shoulders. To this very day… it is still magic to my ears, hands and heart.

Therefore, thank you all at Santa Cruz for the amazing work you all have done.

Kind regards,
Bob de Groot
The Netherlands


Bob de Groot


I have a B/PW that is an exceptional guitar that I purchased from Willcutt Guitars last summer.  I love the voicing, overtones, and build quality of the guitar, and it is my favorite instrument to date.


Jonathan Kidd


I purchased a Brad Paisley (B/PW) SN#7283  in November. The guitar was simply the best acoustic guitar I’ve ever played.Thank you,
Chris Bucki
Milwaukee, WI


Chris Bucki


I just want to say that your Parabolic Tension strings are the best. The first thing you notice is the even volume across the strings. The tone is wonderful. I strung up my Martin 000 and happy to say it is hard to put it down. I look forward to the day when I can get a Santa Cruz guitar to complete my collection. I play mostly finger style with a soft touch. Your strings are simply the best for my ear.
Thank You.


Daniel Papagno


Hi Richard, it’s been a few weeks now since I’ve been using the parabolic tension strings. I have to say they are unlike any steel strings I’ve ever used. They are remarkably balanced and are so well suited for my OM, I can’t imagine using anything else! I’ve compared them to the Elixers I have on my other guitars and I’d say the parabolic strings are more akin to nylon classical strings. As a finger style player, these strings not only have the tone I’m looking for, but the quality only SCGC can provide.  Thank you, and I look forward to ordering more.

James Bartolozzi


Hello dear people at SCGC  –  I’m back from a trip to Netherland (TFOA) where I went to take my new guitar: a delicate OM PW sunburst. It’s the second time I have the pleasure to own a Santa Cruz guitar (my first one was a 000).  I just wanted to thank everybody at the workshop for the heartfull work, the guitar is gorgeous and as a stunning voice!  I really hope I could visit you someday..

Bertrand, from France


I live on the Central Coast of California. I purchased a D/PW about 5 years ago. ON my birthday last October my loving wife bought me 2 sets of your mid-tension stings and I have to tell you they are by far the best strings I have ever used. I played on the worship team at church and could never find the sound I wanted from my SC.  Since I switched to your strings I will never, repeat never buy any other brand. I even told Dave Stamey to give them a try the last time I saw him. Again, thank you for another wonderful Santa Cruz product.

Bob Stiles


I am deeply appreciative and happy with my experience with you all at Santa Cruz guitars.  It feels like it plays and sounds even better before the repair.  Again, I can’t help but say thanks to you all over and over again.  I feel truly blessed with all my interactions with you and everyone at your company. Forever grateful and a fan, Ted

Seb Goldswain

Ted, 10/25/17

The guitar arrived yesterday and I’m already infatuated! Very dark, complex sound. It’s also very responsive, which I’d attribute to the MoonSspruce top. The Koa binding is really striking as well, with the dark Blackwood and creamy white of the Spruce. Please pass along my compliments to the gang there!

Grant Colby


Hi – Just a word of praise and encouragement for you and your team.  I had the opportunity to borrow a friend’s OM Grand to play at church, and I was totally blown away. I played it both acoustically and plugged in and heard it through in-ears. Well done on this model, I am ruined for life, ha. This is exactly how I’d like an acoustic to respond, sound and feel like, perfect! Regards,

Edo Kamal


Good day to you all at Santa Cruz Guitar Company.  My name is Reinhardt Lourens from South Africa and this past Saturday I purchased one of your Tony Rice models from your agent here in Johannesburg, Stephan Burger.

I want to sincerely thank your company for the incredible product which you have created.  I am grateful to have been introduced to this exceptional guitar and I am enjoying every second which I am able to spend with it.  I can only try to explain the appreciation and admiration I have for the beauty of the guitar’s appearance and its sound, but I am afraid I do not possess the vocabulary to truly express my gratitude towards your company, every person involved in your business and for what you stand for.  The sheer bliss of experiencing and being able to play one of your guitars is something I will forever treasure and proudly introduce to my two twin girls (aged 1) and eventually pass on to them.

I must, however, reserve immense praise for your chosen agent here in South Africa.  The manner in which I have been treated by Stephan and the effort he has put in to introduce me to your guitar is an invaluable part of the amazing journey which I have been so privileged to enjoy.  Stephan has spared no effort to spend time with me and to ensure that I was so well informed of every aspect of the guitar and how to care for it so that I, and my family, can enjoy it for as long as we are spared.

My most sincerest thanks to all of you for the joy you have created and for the person you have partnered with here to introduce someone like me to a Santa Cruz guitar.  Kind regards



Hello friends at SCGC – I bought a Santa Cruz OM (from Gryphon in Palo Alto) about a year ago now, and I just wanted to tell you that I am simply amazed at the joy it has brought me.  I was skeptical when a friend told me that a good instrument will teach you how to play it, but it is absolutely true!!!  When you play something well it sounds *soooo* lovely that you want to make that same lovely sound again, so you practice more, and with a lot of attention to technique.  The blond top is now starting to develop a honey gold tone, and lovely vertical flames are starting to show up in the grain.  The sound (which was remarkable to begin with) has also gotten more beautiful. THANK YOU to the entire team of craftspersons (and those who support them) for making this delightful instrument.

Cathy B

3/20/17, Los Altos CA

Remember the standard Sitka/Indian D that we got?  It was an amazing guitar….so much so that I had to buy it. I work with a lot of guitars but it is rare for me to find one that is that toneful and expressive but still be somewhat in my price range. Some snobs look down on guitars if they aren’t Adi or whatever but I would put this guitar in a blind test up against anything. I have been playing it and loving it. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks!


6/20/17, Willcutt Guitars, Lexington KY

Congratulations to the Santa Cruz Guitar Company for building a one of a kind… exceptionally beautiful… guitar in sound, sight and feel. It exceeds all my expectations…in fact I could not have even imagined the sound of this guitar. The bar in sound and expression that a guitar can produce has just gotten exceedingly high after this guitar build! The guitar excels in all playing styles…it does it all very well.

Thank you….the sound this guitar projects is a gift from heaven brought to us by way of the Santa Cruz Guitar Company. It means more to me than you can ever know! Thank You all your exceptional work and talent!!!  (1934D Mahogany,100 year old German Spruce top and Snakewood bindings)




A few years ago I bought a 2001 Tony Rice D which I liked a lot.  One night I sat down with all my guitars and decided I like my Martin D-41 better than the Tony Rice, so I sold it.  This past May I got the chance to play a 1941 Martin D-45 guitar, the holy grail.  The sound was indescribable .  The price was in the stratosphere. A couple of months ago I found another Tony Rice at Guitar Showcase in San Jose that I think is a 2008.  The sound just knocks my socks off.  As I recall the sound of the 1941 D-45, I believe your Tony Rice sound is so close that the two are probably indistinguishable, at least to my damaged ears.  The Tony Rice D just makes my insides vibrate when I play it.  I will keep it forever.  It is the sound I have looking for forever.  Keep up the good work.. I hope one day to see your factory.


Dick Francis


I thought I would share with you my experience relative to the Firefly guitar and Parabolic Tension Strings. I purchased the Firefly from Willcutt Guitars in early May 2018 and I was not sure if they had, in fact, changed the strings on the guitar prior to shipping it to me. I played the guitar for about four months and loved the way the guitar sounded. I had read a lot about the Santa Cruz strings and decided to call the company and ask if my Santa Cruz had, in fact, the Parabolic Stings contained thereon. According to Carolyn, they had. What was surprising to me was, how much fun it was to play the guitar and the amount of sound I got from it. Now, that was prior to having the guitar set up to the way I like it which is, very low action.

I decided it was time to change the strings and get a set up from a local repair person. When complete, I was taken back by the action and more importantly the sound was even better than I had expected. One thing though, I ordered two sets of strings from Santa Cruz but purchased the Mid-Tension sets. According to the web site, perhaps I should have used the Low-Tension. No matter, it worked perfectly. I am very much in love with my FireFly and the Santa Cruz Strings. I have three Collings Guitars which when ready will have the Santa Cruz strings placed on the instruments. I love the tone and more importantly the ability of the stings to sound very good for a long time. I am looking forward to getting another Santa Cruz Guitar just to even out my collection. Well done Mr. Hoover and staff. Thank you Carolyn for all your support and outstanding professionalism. All the best! Aloha


Jon-Nolan Paresa


I wanted to get back to you now that I’ve had a couple weeks with my new Custom OMG and give you my impressions. It’s amazing! The European Spruce is beautiful, the Cocobolo B&S is gorgeous and the build quality couldn’t have been better. I have been fortunate to have assembled a nice collection of guitars and this guitar is really very special indeed. I don’t know what you guys did under the hood, but it is stunningly good. I commissioned a Froggy Bottom K a few years ago that was built with locally harvested English Walnut & Adi that is my pride and joy. It’s the guitar I thought would find no equal. I am floored that this OMG has matched it as my number 1. I couldn’t be happier. You nailed the tone I was hoping for. And the build is impeccable. It has been a pleasure working with you from design through delivery. Thanks go to you and the team for providing me with such a great instrument and pleasant experience.


Paul Fisette


Some notes on my new FS:  I have been playing the hell out of it for the past three weeks, and this morning I noticed it sounded like a seasoned guitar, like it had woken up, and what a sound it has, deep, rich, balanced, and full of color.  I have some beautiful sounding guitars, notably the Olson and the Ryan, but they are Cedar tops and have a soft luxury to their sound.  The FS is direct, sharp, and clear—a nice contrast to the other two.  It is every bit as sweet to play as it is to listen to—quick, responsive, and easy to fret.  I love the slightly wider neck down around the nut. It is a risk to buy a guitar on the internet.  I relied on your expertise and advice, and the guitar has proven you entirely correct.  Thank-you!


Jackson Schmidt


Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak about guitars and guitar making yesterday in Paris, and answering – patiently ! – all my questions. It was an honor to meet you and it confirmed my decision in making my next guitar a Santa Cruz guitar. I will now try all the Santa Cruz guitars I can lay my hands on and hopefully find the one suited for me… if not I’ll be in touch again, to discuss a custom made project! I need to do a bit of saving, and probably sell one of my current guitars – but that seems absolutely worth it! – Pierre Monégier


Pierre Monégier


Hello Carolyn and everyone at Santa Cruz guitars.
I am the proud new owner of a 1929 OOO, which I bought from Ivor Mairants guitar shop in London, three days ago.
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. Stunning guitar, a joy to look at and play. My first Santa Cruz and already thinking about another! Also, just wanted to say how pleased I was with the staff at Ivor Mairants, very helpful and knowledgeable. When I’m ready for another Santa Cruz, I’ll be back there!
Please send my regards to Richard, you make wonderful guitars.
Thanks again, kind regards, Derek.


Derek Cain


Richard & Carolyn – You have not heard much from me because quite frankly – I’m almost speechless!  Needless to say, I’m just blown away by what a fantastic bunch of guitars this truly is!  You guys are Blessed in your abilities out there and just what I’ve been hoping to find in the ways of build quality, voicing, tone, playability, just to name a few. Best, Pat Hodges @ Tonewood Guitars
Pat Hodges


So I’m the lucky owner of the Santa Cruz D custom koa / cedar guitar from 1995. The guitar is not only beautiful but has a fantastic sound. Thank you all for building such instruments with your soul. Now I know that God exists whoever He seems to me.
Regards, Henryk Grzeszczak, Gdansk Poland


Henryk Grzeszczak


So I have had some time now with the Koa Firefly and I have to tell you, I am just amazed at what you guys are able to do with wood.  Everything they say about SCGC is true.  All of it.  This little guitar is amazing.  It sounds amazing. I really love it.  I will be on the look out for an FTC now as I would love a SCG with a full scale neck.

Brian Piccioni


I first tried a set of Santa Cruz Low tension strings earlier this year and was immediately taken by them. I love the feel of the altered string tensions, how warm the strings sound without losing brilliance or clarity, and how they bring out more of the “woody” sound of the instrument rather than the “zing” of the strings themselves. They are undoubtedly the most musical acoustic guitar strings I have ever used. My guitar sounds far more natural and organic when plugged in at shows, and I recommend them to anyone who asks. The highlight of my shows is breaking out and winding up a new set of Santa Cruz strings before I go on!

Seb Goldswain


I just wanted to drop a note to say thanks again for the fantastic factory tour that I had with Richard on 18th August. It was extremely informative and interesting. It was a nice touch that Richard was able to look over my Tony Rice guitar that I brought with me. The tour has been making me think seriously about ordering a custom model. Thanks again

Eric Lennon, The Netherlands


Thank you for taking the time to answer my e-mail. I am currently the proud owner of Santa Cruz #VA 2066, and I have 3 other friends with Tony Rice models! The tone and quality of your guitars is absolutely superior to all other manufacturers. Sincerely Yours,

Seth Foerster


We want to thank Richard for an amazing and informative factory tour last Thursday.  The passion and craftsmanship is without equal.  We tried the 1929 “0” at Sylvan and it was, of course, beautiful in all respects.  Time to start saving!  Thanks again.

Rich and Cathy Warner


Richard, just enjoying another day playing my Santa Cruz custom VJ and want to take a moment to simply say God Bless you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom and artistry through the making of incredible guitars. You are an incredible man and I am just one of many so appreciative of your passion for acoustic sound.  Wishing you the best always

Bob Waddell


Hello.  My name is Jon and I am located in New Hampshire.  I recently purchased a B/PW from Willcutt Guitars .  First off, it sounds incredible!  This is my first Santa Cruz and the only one I have ever played.  I am a Collings dreadnought owner as well (D2HG) which I find very good for flat picking and finger picking, but not so much for strumming.  The B/PW has a very special character to the tone that my Collings is lacking.  I also find it just more versatile overall.  In any case, I just wanted to contact you to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase… Thank you!

Jon K.


Dear Richard, Carolyn, and all of SCGC,

I recently received my Santa Cruz OO Skye from Down Home Guitars.  It is hard to put into words just how spectacular this guitar is…to me.  For a guitar lover, how a guitar speaks to someone is a very personal thing.  I believe it is a function first and foremost of the sonic qualities of the guitar combined with it’s aesthetic qualities and other elements that amplify how strongly the instrument speaks to someone.  Considering what I am looking for in this guitar, the attributes of the OO Skye are impeccable.  To my ears, the sonic qualities are exactly as you intended for the OO Skye and the results are exquisite.  I have never played a guitar that so perfectly delivered the sonic qualities that I was looking for; in fact, it overwhelmingly has exceeded my expectations.  To complement that, the simple, elegant aesthetics of the Italian spruce on cocobolo is gorgeous.  Finally, the intangibles that Richard Hoover/Santa Cruz’s mission/culture provide amplify how strongly this guitar speaks to me.  I listened to a podcast of Richard speaking at the 2015 Fretboard Summit when he led off asking the audience if they were grateful yet and several times during the podcast he spoke of gratitudes.  I am grateful for many things and that certainly includes the wonderful OO Skye that you created and way in which you help make the world a better place!

With gratitude and best wishes,

Dave F


The guitar arrived over the weekend, and it was worth waiting for! It is beautiful, and sounds wonderful – the tone, bass, and sustain are amazing. My concerns about the finish were completely unnecessary, it is more beautiful than I imagined. The 000 size also turns out to be perfect for me. Thanks to everyone at SCGC! I added a picture of it sitting in a stand in my den. Regards,

Peter K.


Good Morning Richard & Santa Cruz Guitar Company – My Vintage Southerner is turning 10 years old this year and dropping a note to say that I really love the guitar and play it just about every day! I am the original owner and purchased the guitar from Acoustic Music in Connecticut.  My VS has several unique features ordered by Acoustic Music such as a Carpathian Spruce top, Brazilian Rosewood headstock overlay, fingerboard, and bridge, Firefly burst, and no pickguard installed.  She is slowly starting to show some finish wear but the great guitars that get played always do! Since purchasing this guitar I have not had the inclination to buy another acoustic guitar.  Kudos to the entire SCGC team on this and all the fine instruments you build. Thank you



Please tell Richard and your staff that I am inspired owning and playing my OM Grand. It was a fairly lengthy search and to say that I was a nervous buyer would be an understatement. The staff at Music Emporium were very knowledgeable and never rushed my trial of any instrument. The fact that I was able to speak to Richard directly was a real plus because he answered my questions with detail and took the time to make sure that I understood some technical issues regarding the construction of bracing and neck.

Now that I have had a chance to play for a few weeks, I want to let you all know that the guitar has exceeded my expectations. The tone quality and sustain are exceptional. The guitar is easy for me to play and I find myself playing longer and enjoying it more. For the first time in a long time, I am scheduled to take lessons and am gaining confidence that I will reach new levels of competence and enjoyment.  It’s a special guitar, I am grateful…………many thanks again.



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