Signature Artists

Tony Rice

Regarded as one of the main influences on modern bluegrass and flatpicking styles today. Richard Hoover and Tony Rice’s collaboration began in the early 1980s.  Click here to read Richard’s tribute to Tony Rice.

Santa Cruz Guitar Company offers to variations of the Tony Rice Model, both the standard Tony Rice and the Tony Rice Professional.

Happy Traum

Happy Traum taught the world how to play guitar. This includes Richard Hoover, who learned from Happy’s “Fingerpicking Styles for Guitar” when he was just a teenager, years before the two would forge their friendship.

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Learn more about the Happy Traum HT/13 Signature Model.

Eric Skye

Portland based Jazz, Blues and Americana fingerstylist Eric Skye worked closely with Richard Hoover to design a custom Cocobolo/Adirondack OO with the utmost reponsiveness and playability in mind, to accompany his expressive and complex playing style.

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Learn more about the OO Skye, the Eric Skye Signature Model.

Don Edwards

To commemorate his 50th year in the music industry, Richard Hoover and SCGC were pleased to debut the Don Edwards Cowboy Singer Model. A custom design of our 1929 OO model, the Cowboy Singer is a trail riders companion, with its smaller OO body, slotted pegehad, dark sunburst, lone star at the 5th fret and Don’s signature at the body joint.

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Learn more about the Cowboy Singer, Don Edward’s Signature Model

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley’s decision to partner with a shop as small as Santa Cruz Guitar Company came from his desire to be associated with quality and responsibility above all else. “I’ve never picked up a Santa Cruz that wasn’t magical. I know if someone gets one of these, they are getting exactly what I want them to have.”

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Learn more about the Brad Paisley Signature Model (B/PW).

Catfish Keith

Catfish Keith is the newest member of the SCGC signature artist family. Known the world over for his bold, percussive and captivating style, it was a pleasure to collaborate with Catfish on a custom, all Mahogany 1929 O model. Listeners are amazed at how much tone and volume comes out of this small bodied guitar when in his capable hands. The Catfish Special will be debuted at the 2018 NAMM show in Anaheim.

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Learn more about The Catfish Special.


Scott Law

Multifaceted artist Scott Law is an accomplished guitar master, singer-songwriter and recording artist. Richard and Scott worked together to design a unique, dynamic and responsive dreadnought within the SCGC catalog.  In Scott’s own words, ‘we weren’t going for a signature model from the outset, we just ended up designing a killer guitar with my name on it. I totally respect the consistency and build quality the SCGC shop puts out… plus, it’s just a great family of folks running a small, sustainable shop that are super fun to hang out with. Made it an easy choice.”

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Learn more about the D/Law, Scott Law Signature Model.


Sonia’s powerful message is truth. Her goal is peace and equality and as her band name states, Disappear Fear.  Sonia’s Model is a performing songwriter’s platform, and her collaboration with Richard and SCGC has spanned decades.

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Learn more about the SONiA Signature Model.


Janis Ian

Janis Ian needs no introduction. In the spotlight of the 1960s folk scene as only a teenager, Janis has been flooring audiences with her thoughtful prose and both intricate and dynamic guitar playing for decades. SCGC is proud to have been building her signature, small bodied acoustic since the 1980s.

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Learn more about the Janis Ian Signature Model.

Otis Taylor

Otis Taylor is a fellow of the Sundance Film Composers Laboratory and a multi-instrumentalist who has shared the stage with artists as varied as Gary Moore, Buddy Guy and Keb Mo. He is the most important modern voice of Trance Blues.  Richard Hoover and SCGC have worked with Otis on two signature models thus far, the standard OT model and the OT Chicago Model.

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Learn more about the Otis Taylor Signature Model.

Learn more about the Otis Taylor Chicago Model.

Bill Nershi

Bill Nershi is a beloved singer, songwriter and picker, noteably known for his leading role in The String Cheese Incident, that regularly sells out stadiums and amphitheaters across the world. Bill approached SCGC about building him a new, custom dreadnought that could take the place of his vintage Martin. In Bill’s own words, “SCGC has really captured the look and sound of the guitar that took me from Floradora Saloon in Telluride to Red Rocks Amphitheater and beyond. Whether I’m soloing up the neck, playing slide or just strumming chords, this guitar sounds sweet and full. Thanks Santa Cruz, you really nailed it.”- Billy Nershi

Learn more about Bill Nershi and The String Cheese Incident.

Learn more about the Bill Nershi Signature Model.

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