Plek Service

Our hot-rodded version of the PLEK Machine has been used on all SCGC guitars since February of 2012.

Twelve years of direct collaboration with PLEK’s inventor and engineers have resulted in a machine that responds to our luthier’s commands to mill the fretboard into the actual shape of the string’s movement. This assures that there is no possibility of localized buzzing, now that the fret tops are in the precise alignment to the geometry of the moving string.


If you would like to contact SCGC about Plek service on your Santa Cruz Guitar, regardless of its age, please fill out and submit the form directly below, or you are welcome to contact us at or 831-425-0999.


With the PLEK procedure performed by Santa Cruz experts, the string, when fretted, now travels the exact distance from fret top to fret board in every position, creating an accuracy of intonation and consistency of tone that is remarkable when heard for the first time. With the PLEK, we progressively increase the fret board’s radius as the strings spread in their approach to the bridge. This keeps the strings equidistant from the board, further enhancing intonation and playability through the highest frets. These impressive benefits are ironically a side effect of our ongoing efforts to avoid the heartbreak of repetitive stress injuries that can end a luthier’s career.


Our gratitude goes out to the brilliant minds responsible for the PLEK, who share our passion for the continuous refinement of the acoustic guitar. Here is a short film that goes into detail on the Plek machine, and the unique way SCGC uses it in production.

Plek Service

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