Here’s a photo of session guitarist Odie Blackmon and his Santa Cruz FireFly, participating in the ‘AMC Lifting Lives‘ Camp in Nashville, providing musical education and inspiration for children with developmental disabilities. Odie was joined by other top Nashville  names, including Winona Judd, Carrie Underwood, Darius Rucker and Little Big Town. Odie was nice enough to offer his testimonial on the FireFly:  “I love my firefly because it’s so easy to take with me everywhere to write songs but the BIG reason that it’s my main axe is that I have overuse syndrome and range of motion/muscle pain.  The Firefly’s short scale allows me to play chords that would hurt on a normal scale and the small body doesn’t jack my shoulder up like a dreadnought does.  Also, I don’t feel I sacrifice sound or tuning like I would have on most small guitars.  I just wanted you guys to know that because it really helps me to work everyday without pain.” Thank you Odie!

Santa Cruz Guitar Company