NAMM 2018 Preview


We are proud to offer you a preview of the guitars we will be bringing to the 2018 NAMM show. If you are attending the show, please come visit us in Hall E, Booth 2406, as you are welcome to try out these instruments. Most of these guitars were pre-ordered by our valued dealers, so please contact the dealer directly if you are interested in purchasing, or email us so we can make an introduction for you.



Ancient Spruce H/13

3,000 year old Sitka Spruce and African Blackwood come together to create a variation on the famed Ghost Oak build, which was displayed at the 2016 NAMM show in celebration of our 40th anniversary. While that 8,000 year old Oak back/side set was one of a kind, this master grade African Blackwood set complements the ghostly Ancient Spruce so nicely, complete with Snakewood bindings, appointments and century block fingerboard inlays. This guitar was ordered by Down Home Guitars.

A quick video of the custom H13 Ancient Sitka/African Blackwood/Snakewood headed to NAMM. #santacruzguitarcompany #scgc #santacruzguitars #acousticguitar #luthier #namm

Posted by Santa Cruz Guitar on Friday, January 12, 2018

The Catfish Special

Santa Cruz Guitar Company is thrilled to debut The Catfish Special, a custom 1929 O model built for our friend and world renowned blues musician, Catfish Keith.

After building a custom, all Mahogany O for Catfish a few years back, fans around the world kept asking for more information on this ‘little guitar with the giant voice.’ Following Catfish’s riveting performance at our 40th anniversary party and the reaction it received, it was obvious that a signature model version of this customized 1929 O would be a welcome addition to our catalog. We are proud to present The Catfish Special!

A ‘Professional’ version of this model is also available, offering the same Catfish peghead inlay and custom bubble fingerboard inlays as found on Catfish Keith’s personal guitar. Please inquire for details.

Here are two videos of it in process, more videos and photos to come after the NAMM show.

Here's a closer look at the custom Catfish inlays on the new Catfish Keith signature model. The incredibly talented Jimmi Wingert Inlay & Design cut these inlays by hand. Come by our booth at NAMM next week to see this little jewel in person. #santacruzguitarcompany #scgc #santacruzguitars #acousticguitar #luthier #namm #catfishkeith #jimmiwingertinlay @jimmiwingertinlay

Posted by Santa Cruz Guitar on Friday, January 19, 2018

We're proud to introduce a new artist signature model at this year's winter NAMM show. Here is a video of the Catfish Special, designed with our friend and blues musician, Catfish Keith. This is a custom version of our 1929/O model featuring all figured Mahogany, ivroid bindings and a custom sunburst. Available with or without custom Catfish inlays. This guitar really growls and barks! Now how does Catfish Keith coax all those wonderful sounds out of this little blues box? Come by our NAMM booth next week to find out! #santacruzguitarcompany #scgc #santacruzguitars #acousticguitar #luthier #namm #catfishkeith

Posted by Santa Cruz Guitar on Friday, January 19, 2018

Custom Figured Mahogany FTC Model

Voted ‘Guitar of the Year’ by Acoustic Magazine, we’ve been having too much fun customizing this carved back, flat top FTC model since it was brought back to the catalog in 2016. This particular build was customized with Figured Mahogany back/sides, Torrefied Adirondack top, cowboy rope rosette and top purfling and our ‘buttered toast’ sunburst top. All other specs are standard to the FTC model, and can be found here. This guitar was ordered by Rusty’s Cool Guitars in Charleston, SC, so please contact John if interested.

Here's a clip of the Mahogany FTC model we're bringing to NAMM. This unique model features a solid carved back which creates the projection of an archtop with the sustain of a flattop. We'll also post a video of the maple FTC that will also be on display at NAMM. #santacruzguitarcompany #scgc #santacruzguitars #acousticguitar #luthier #namm

Posted by Santa Cruz Guitar on Monday, January 15, 2018

All Koa Firefly

Our smallest build, the Firefly’s body is only 16-3/16″ in length, but maintains great volume and balance for an instrument of it’s size. This particular Firefly was customized with master grade Koa top/back/sides, Koa body binding, black fingerboard binding and an unbound peghead. Finished with a dark fade that really brings out the incredible flame in the Koa. All other specs, including 24″ scale length and 1-11/16″ nut width, can be found here. Down Home Guitars in Frankfort, IL, will have this Firefly available for sale.

Custom Flamed Maple FTC Model

“GUITAR OF THE YEAR” – Acoustic Magazine, 2016

Why bring one FTC to the NAMM show when you can bring two? Here is another variation on our award winning, carved back, flat top FTC model, that offers the projection of an archtop with the sustain of a flattop. This guitar was customied with Flamed Maple back and sides, German Spruce top, Flamed Maple neck, Deco fingerboard inlays and custom finish. If interested, it will be heading to The Music Emporium in Lexington, MA, after the show.

Here's a companion video of the Maple FTC model we're bringing to NAMM. With its solid carved back, the FTC projects like an archtop but sustains like a flattop. Check out our other video of the Mahogany FTC that will also be at NAMM. #santacruzguitarcompany #scgc #santacruzguitars #acousticguitar #luthier #namm

Posted by Santa Cruz Guitar on Monday, January 15, 2018

Custom 42-style Brazilian PJ

Another small bodied presentation from Santa Cruz Guitar Company, the PJ offers tonal sophistifaction in a parlor sized package. This particular PJ has incredible volume and presence, built with master grade, old growth Brazilian back/sides, Moon Spruce top, 42-style body and fingerboard inlays and Ebony bridge/end pins with abalone to match. The Brazilian is from Richard’s personal collection, and the Moon Spruce from our friends in the Swiss Alps, The Florinett Family, who have been harvesting this European Spruce at night for over 500 years. You can read more about their story here, and can view all standard PJ specs here.

Another teaser of what we're sending to NAMM: this custom small bodied PJ model features a Bear Claw "Moon Spruce" top, Brazilian Rosewood back and sides with 42 Style Abalone inlays/top border/rosette. #santacruzguitarcompany #scgc #santacruzguitars #acousticguitar #luthier #namm

Posted by Santa Cruz Guitar on Thursday, January 18, 2018

1934D Model

The 1934D Model continues to be the pride of Santa Cruz Guitar Company. Built with old-growth, master grade Brazilian and Adirondack from the 1930s, as well as Adirondack bracing with hot hide glue, our englarded 4-9/16″ sound hole and vintage tinted top and bindings, it is the ultimate dreadnought cannon to produce that sought after vintage tone from it’s first note, and will only improve with age. All other standard, 1934D specs can be viewed here.

Custom OM Grand – The Tree

This OM Grand was built with wood from ‘The Tree’, the historic, giant, over 500 year old Mahogany tree that was almost laid to rest in a ravine in Honduras before rediscovered in the 1970s. Paired with Bear Claw European back/sides for excellent clarity, and the standard, 16” lower bout on the OM Grand gives this guitar added volume and projection. This guitar will be going to The Music Emporium in Lexington, MA, after the show.

Here's a custom OMG headed to NAMM. It features Mahogany back and sides from "The Tree," Brazilian Rosewood binding and a European Bear Claw Spruce top braced with Adirondack Spruce & hot hide glue. This guitar will be available at The Music Emporium. #santacruzguitarcompany #scgc #santacruzguitars #acousticguitar #luthier #namm #thetree #themusicemporium

Posted by Santa Cruz Guitar on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

1934OM Model

The 1934OM model came about when fans of our venerable 1934D Model began requesting the same build in a smaller, OM body. The highest quality, old-growth tone woods, combined with SCGC’s relaxed assembly, produce an unrivaled vintage tone from its first notes, and it only gets better with age.  This guitar will be heading to Eddie’s Guitars after the show.

Here's our 1934 OM headed to NAMM next week. It features old growth Brazilian Rosewood and Adirondack from the 1930s braced with Adirondack & hot hide glue with a vintage tinted top and bindings. Contact Matt at Eddie's Guitars in St Louis, MO for more information on this beauty. #santacruzguitarcompany #scgc #santacruzguitars #acousticguitar #luthier #namm

Posted by Santa Cruz Guitar on Friday, January 19, 2018

Custom FS Model

The FS Model was designed in response to the mid-1980s renaissance of alternate tunings for complex fingerstyle arrangements. Thirty some years and numerous awards later, The Fretboard Journal credits the Santa Cruz FS as the inspiration for the guitar designs of some of the brightest lights in contemporary lutherie and a strong influence on major manufacturers. This particular FS was customized with a Redwood top and Koa bindings. All standard FS specs can be viewed here. This guitar will be heading to Sylvan Music after the show.


Standard Bob Brozman Baritone

The very long (27 inch) scale, 12-fret Mahogany neck allows the guitar to accommodate heavier strings at the lower tensions of open tunings. The highest quality Mahogany back and sides and European Spruce top provide extreme tonal clarity. This unique guitar combines design elements and tone woods for unrivaled volume, tone and sustain. If your set list includes Blues, Hawaiian Slack-Key or open tuning fingerstyles, this guitar is the ultimate acoustic baritone. All standard specs can be viewed here.

Some fingerstyle blues on our standard baritone model (DBB) heading to NAMM next week. #santacruzguitarcompany #scgc #santacruzguitars #acousticguitar #luthier #namm

Posted by Santa Cruz Guitar on Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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