Steve Gadberry with Santa Cruz Guitar
Meet Steve, the winner of Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s OM Grand giveaway! Here’s what he had to say after getting the guitar:
“WOW.   I absolutely love it.  I could only wait about nine hours then I had to go up to the bedroom and open the box up.  With every step from opening the box and seeing the note from SCGC printed on the top of the packing to pulling out the case and seeing how beautiful it was… it was so exciting.  And then I opened the case and saw how beautiful the guitar was.  The craftsmanship is just amazing.  And the sound it puts out is just beautiful.  It’s a real joy to play.  Richard Hoover and crew did a wonderful job of designing and building this beautiful sounding musical instrument.  Now I know why Santa Cruz Guitar Company has been in business for thirty seven years.  Thank you Mr. Hoover for providing the beautiful guitar as a give away prize for Acoustic Guitar Magazine.  I feel very fortunate to have been the one to win this guitar.  God Bless and Thanks again,  Steve

Santa Cruz Guitar Company