‘Ancient’ Sycamore OM

Santa Cruz Guitar Company has a few rare sets of ancient Platanus Racemosa, a species of Sycamore native to the Santa Cruz Mountain Region. Sycamore varies greatly in density from region to region, and this particular species happens to be nearer in density to Mahogany than most Sycamore, making it an exceptional tone wood. The tree that these sets came from is speculated to have washed down the San Lorezno River right into the middle of what is now downtown Santa Cruz somewhere between two and five thousand years ago. It is apparent that it was buried quickly in an anaerobic environment, and with this absence of oxygen the wood did not decay. It was unearthed in an excavation after a building went down in the Santa Cruz earthquake of 1989. Excavators dug down 30 feet, to make way for the foundation of a new building,  and at the bottom was this ancient tree. Based on the traces of civilization discovered at the 3 foot level (buttons, bottles, and pipes that dated back to the 1800s), geologist on the scene estimated by extrapolation that the tree found at the 30 foot level would have been buried somewhere between the birth of Christ and the building of the pyramids. One guitar has been made by Santa Cruz Guitar Company out of this special Sycamore tree and there are only a couple sets are still available.

Custom OM Specifications:
Back/sides: ‘Ancient’ Sycamore
Top: Sitka Spruce
14 fret, 25.375 inch scale length
Just shipped to:  Apple Music in Portland, OR (503) 226-0036

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