Our guys have just finished the restoration of one of Clapton’s FTC Model SCGC guitars from 1980. This carved back F cutaway suffered some unfortunate trauma. It was left on a tarmac in the Caribbean for 24 hours, suffered several other mishaps, was built and rebuilt by different people around the world, until it came back to us for a complete restoration. We kept as much of the original parts as possible, as per Clapton’s wishes, as well as the historical integrity, while making it every bit as refined as the guitars we build today. This is the same guitar pictured in the liner notes of Clapton’s album, Another Ticket… he owned two more of these FTC models, which he auctioned off for more than $35,000 each, and then supposedly bought them back to keep in his personal collection. A big thanks to all the luthiers here at SCGC for their hard work in completing this restoration. Below are a few shots of the restoration process and completed guitar.

FTC before2FTC 17nFTC 17m





FTC 17hFTC 17dFTC 17c

FTC 17fFTC 17jFTC 17e

FTC 17kFTC 17iFTC 17a

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