There have been many reasons to celebrate here at Santa Cruz Guitar Company!

First and Foremost- Santa Cruz Guitar Company turned 34 years old on September 22! Thank you to all of our friends, fans and supporters for our continued success over the years. Not to mention the team of luthiers and their contribution, carrying on the level of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship that Richard asks of them in making our guitars what they are. Richard’s fearless leadership continues to carry us through the centuries- so on behalf of the team, a big huge “thank you” to Herr Richard Hoover for all that he is and for allowing us all to be a part of this amazing company.

On to the next topic of Celebration!
Adam Rose, one of our luthiers and resident experts has been with the Company for a whopping 20 years! Hoohaa! Hooray for Adam!

In celebration of Adam’s years with the company, we had a wonderful lunch together at a lovely Santa Cruz establishment, Restaurante Italiano.

Adam and Richard talked about the good ole’ days. Everyone shared stories about what Adam has taught and shown them. On a lighter note, we also learned a bit of Adam trivia that most of us didn’t know, such as he and his family have all had rabies vaccinations because of a bat break-in at their house! Yikes!

Adam has done just about anything and everything around the shop over the years. He is a integral part of the team and we are honored to have him at SCGC.

Santa Cruz Guitar Company