Body Wood – Sycamore

Sycamore is similar in tone to True Mahogany when dimensioned correctly. It moves slightly back toward the Rosewood end of the tonal scale, with a bit more warmth, and offers great cosmetic appeal. Sycamore is one of the local, sustaniable woods we’ve been proud to use in our build process… and even received a log over 2,000 years old that was found buried beneath a building’s foundation after the 1989 earthquake.
Model Availability
D Available
DPW Available
12-fret D Available
D-Law Available
D-Nershi Available
B/PW Available
1934D N/A
1934DM N/A
Tony Rice Available
Tony Rice Pro N/A
Ron Block Available
Vintage Artist Available
DBB Available
Vintage Jumbo Available
Vintage Southerner Available
RS Available
OM Available
OMG Available
OMPW Available
Arlen Roth Available
OOO Available
1929 OOO Available
H Available
H/13 Available
OT Available
OTC Available
Sonia Available
F Available
FS Available
Mandocello Available
FireFly Available
Janis Ian Available
Style 1 Available
PJ Available
OO Available
1929 O Available
1929 OO Available
OO Skye Available
Cowboy Singer Available
TAB Available
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