We wanted to share this great video with you, a collaboration between jazz fingerstylist Eric Skye and videographer Richard Newman. Eric spends time playing and talking about his new Santa Cruz Guitar Company signature model, the OO-Skye with photos and footage from the build process:

Plus we just got this great testimonial in for OO-Skye #3 from our friend Matt Richter of the website Gear for Guitars (www.gearforguitars.com):

“I received my new Santa Cruz 00 Eric Skye Signature guitar in March. My first impression was WOW. I have never opened a case for the first time and been struck so profoundly by the sheer elegance, simplicity, and beauty of guitar. It was love at first sight. I then played an E Maj that resonated throughout the house. The tones were both complex and articulate. The sustain of the notes was insane (in a great way). I didn’t put it down for several hours. Now, months later, that first impression hasn’t changed. I am fortunate enough to have several wonderful guitars. This is my favorite. Well, I will never do it the kind of justice Eric Skye does, the cool thing is that with this guitar, I feel inspired to play and hear my own music as much more musical. Thanks for making it for me. Thanks for designing it with Eric. And, thanks for making the whole build process a fantastic experience. SCGC has single-handedly cured GAS– at least for flattops. Although the FS looks pretty darn interesting…”

Santa Cruz Guitar Company