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Founded in 1976, the Santa Cruz Guitar Company brought boutique guitar making to the forefront of the steel string guitar business.  Richard Hoover invites you to watch this short film by LR Baggs, which documents the culture of SCGC’s small production lutherie and mission to provide musicians with exceptional instruments that truly change the world.

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Carolyn, I wanted to get back to you now that I’ve had a couple weeks with my new Custom OMG and give you my impressions. It’s amazing! The European Spruce is beautiful, the Cocobolo B&S is gorgeous and the build quality couldn’t have been better. I have been fortunate to have assembled a nice collection of guitars and this guitar is really very special indeed. I don’t know what you guys did under the hood, but it is stunningly good. I commissioned a Froggy Bottom K a few years ago that was built with locally harvested English Walnut & Adi that is my pride and joy. It’s the guitar I thought would find no equal. I am floored that this OMG has matched it as my number 1. I couldn’t be happier. You nailed the tone I was hoping for. And the build is impeccable. It has been a pleasure working with you from design through delivery. Thanks go to you and the team for providing me with such a great instrument and pleasant experience.

Paul Fisette



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