We loved this recent testimonial so much, we just had to share it with everyone.  The accompanying photo is the scene we assume Godehard is looking out on.  Ah, Germany…

“Hello to the magical fellowship of luthiers and support in Santa Cruz – Due to the heavy snow in Germany, my VJ arrived one day after Christmas, but not to late to sweeten my Christmas holidays!  It´s so beautiful and sounds, even smells gorgeous. I’ve been worried a bit , because many airports had been closed for quite a while. So the chance of getting deep frozen was about 100%, before it was forwarded to “Schalloch”, my guitar dealer in Hamburg. Fortunately the VJ suffered no harm.  In the German language guitars have a female gender, so we call them “she” and not “it”. Fits much better, such a beauty in looks and sound can´t be called an “it”…..

Everything I expected from the VJ has been fulfilled, not to say has been exceeded. Beautiful sunburst finish, dark red glowing mahogany…  elegant, timeless, solid craftsmanship. Very good balance in sound, no matter if just affected with the fingertips or tortured with the pick.  Much better guitar than my playing skills. Fortunately that is not forbidden! I must admit, the VJ is a very handsome support to play and sound much better, more musically and to make less mistakes. Especially I tend to play less notes at the same time and leave more space, the music becomes much more gentle and sensitive or much more powerful and driving, just as wished.   The improved design of the VJ fits my taste better than the old one. The lighter, more transparent finish and the rounded bridge is a perfect fit! Respect for the finish of the neck and the form of the bridge, to look at such skilled craftsmanship is a pleasure alone. Even the inside looks perfect, but not lifeless.  It is very inspiring to sit in front of my window, looking at the snow and light scene by the Hamburg-St.Pauli harbour, a glass of good rioja nearby and playing, smelling, viewing the VJ. And “she” is mine !!! Life can be very beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful enrichment of my life! Greetings and all the best for the New Year 2011″ –  Godehard Buschkühl 1/4/2010

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