We love it when dealers order custom guitars of their own design to stock in their store, and it’s even more flattering when they order a unique custom guitar for themselves! We recently had the pleasure of building a Brazilian OO for our friend Moocho at Northern Lights Music in Littleton, NH. Not only did this little Brazilian beauty have an Italian top, torch peghead inlay, 1-11/16 nut width, 42 Style fingerboard inlays, a round profile neck and our hot hide glue package, it was also the first cutaway we’ve ever done on a OO. In Moocho’s own words, “I had to wait an hour for the box to warm up from the Fed Ex truck while the butterflies flew in my belly in anticipation. All gathered around for the unveiling. It is really a gem . Can’t wait to get out of work so I can play uninterrupted!”

We checked in with them the following week and was told by Moocho’s husband, Dan, that “the body shape, cutaway, and the craftsmanship are perfect and the tone is just right for her touch and style,  just the way a custom guitar should be.”  It pleases us to no end that Moocho is so happy with the guitar. If you’re in the New England area, we highly recommend stopping by this great guitar shop and saying hello to Dan, Moocho and their friendly staff. Maybe if you’re lucky, she’ll let you see the OO!

Santa Cruz Guitar Company